About Us

​​Cornerstone Coatings was established in 1999.  It is a family run company that has its roots in the construction industry.  As a company Cornerstone Coatings is leading the way in Quality, Safety and Service.

Quality is Key - As a manufacturer we strive to create quality products that are easy to use, strong and durable, and have long-term performance.  We choose only quality resins in all our manufacturing processes.

Safety is Key - We make our solvent based acrylics safer for the contractor to use.  We will never manufacture acetone based acrylic sealers. 

Service is Key - We have a strong Technical support team.  We have developed and fine tuned our products over the years, and have a strong understanding of our product and the application and uses of it, because of our unique background. 

We understand the need to match the right product to the right project so that the job goes smoothly.  We work closely with our distributors to achieve this.

We get our product out quickly, most orders are shipped next day.


Toll Free:  1.866.878.7069