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This is just for you Jim
I was in Vancouver last week and was told how wonderful I was doing on blogging. Yes Jim, my last post was back in 2013, and yes this has not been my strong point. I think there may have been a bet going on when I would do another post, and Jim did not win, or maybe this has all been a ploy to get me to blog so that he would win the bet.

Acrylic sealing in summer
Well it is another season of the new VOC compliant laws for sealers in Canada. We are very excited with our choice of resins used in our Premium Acrylic and Advance Acrylic products. We have had a lot of complaints from contractors this year about what the competion has been trying to sell them, but when they try our products the complaints go away and the stress just leaves. Contractors would talk to us saying, "I work 12 to 14 hour a days and now they want us to go seal concrete after this because you can't use their sealer during the day". I can't repeat exactly what they said, lets just say they used some very colorful language. We had a really nice summer this year in most areas, compared to last year, a lot of days in the 30 C area. For appling the typical VOC compliant sealers not great, the exciting part not a problem for sealing with our Premium Acrylic and Advance Acrylic and during the day, not early in the morning or late in the day, but during the day, ya. To some it may look like I am bragging, there is a bit of that of course, but from a guy who used to be a coatings contractor, I am focused on making sure that contractors get something that is easy to work with and especially concerned about making sure contractors get something that will work and make them look good. So if I get to brag about this and feel really good about what we put on the market I am VERY OK with it.

sealing sandstone
A contractor in BC called monday asking about sealing natural sanstone. He was asking if the Repel product would work, he said it worked great for stucco by stopping water penetration and leaving the surface looking natural. It will definetly work on sandstone, it was also designed for limestone, ceramics,fabricated stone and other types of concrete. We will need to expand our tech sheets to reflect this.

Sealing concrete in the late fall
I had a question today from a customer. They wanted to know if they could seal their exposed aggregate concrete driveway tomorrow, he is in the Saskatoon area. I looked outside and saw 6 inches of snow on the ground. The concrete had been poured in October and they wanted to put a least 1 coat of Premium Acrylic Ready to Use on it before freeze up. I know our products are awesome but this is pushing the envelope a little bit. If the surface was dry and had a temperature of plus 5, we may be able to get away with a protective coating for the winter. Seeing we are going into plus 3 and rain and the temperature dropping the next 2 weeks to below minus 3, this is not going to be possible. It will have to wait till spring now.
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