​​You are now able to print your own technical manual in full or in part.  All the pages are numbered according to the Table of Contents.  Complete list is below. 

                                                                         New Products

​​​​Pro-Pel Lithium Densifier Technical Data Sheet

​Dual-Tech Technical Data Sheet​​

Liquid Poly Technical Data Sheet​​

Solvent Based Acrylic Sealers​​

Premium Acrylic High Sheen Sealer Concentrate Technical Data Sheet​​​

Acrylic Photos​​

Premium Acrylic Concentrate Spec Sheet​​

Premium Acrylic High Sheen Ready to Use Technical Data Sheet​​

(Questions and Answers) for Premium Acrylic​​

Advance - C15 Acrylic Blend Concrete Sealer​​

Advance - C25 Acrylic Blend Concrete Sealer​​

Advance - C30 Acrylic Blend Concrete Sealer​​

Advance - C35 Acrylic Blend Concrete Sealer​​

Questions and Answers for Advance Acrylics

Acrylic Comparison Chart​​

​Water Based Acrylic Sealers 

Aquetek Water Based Acrylic Sealer Technical Data Sheet​​​


                                                          VOC Compliant

VOC Compliant Question and Answer Sheets​​


                 ​​ ​Sealer For Broom Finish/Pre-cast Concrete/Dusting Concrete​​​​ VOC Compliance

​​Protec III Restore Technical Data Sheet

Protec III Restore Q & A and Application Instructions​​​​​

Protec III Prevention of New Barn Syndrome

Shaling Popping on Broom Finish Concrete

Protec III Restore Strengthens and Hardens Poor Concrete​​​​​​


                                                                            ​​Polishing Concrete​​

Pro-Pel Lithium Densifier Technical Data Sheet​​​

Pro-Pel Floor Cleaning Instructions

Protec III Restore Polishing Concrete Technical Data Sheet

Protec III Restore Floor Cleaning Instructions


                                                    ​​         Gypsum Based Underlayment Sealer

Gyplock Technical Data Sheet


Non-Slip and Safety Coatings

​Supergrip Non-Slip Additive Technical Data Sheet

                                                        Stucco & Stone Water Repellent/Sealer

Repel Stucco & Stone Repellent/Sealer Technical Data Sheet



 Liquid Hardener with Curing Membrane​​​​​​

Protec III LSF (With Acrylic Membrane) Technical Data Sheet

Maintenance Sheet


3 Page Report

Certified Installers Comparison Sheet

Two Products in One


                                            ​​​Liquid Hardeners and Densifier​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​

Protec III LSF Chem-RX​ Technical Data Sheet​​

Maintenance Sheet

For Prevention of Shaling Deterioration of Concrete​​​​

For Arenas​​

Curing Aid Additional Information


Spec Sheet

(Questions and Answers) for Protec III LSF Chem-RX​​​​​​​​

Comparison Sheet For Sodium Silicates

Chemical Resistance Chart​​​​

ASTM C309 For Silicates

Protec III Chem RX Reduces Vapor Transmission

Protec III Chem RX The Process of Curing Concrete

Protec III Overcomes Common Problems



                                             ​​​ ​​
Restricting Migration of Water/Cure

​​Ultra-Lock    *Exclusive to Australia and New Zealand*​​

                                                   ​​​​  Nylon Fiber​​​​​​​​​​​

Fiber-Link Technical Data Sheet


     Cure and Seals ​​​​​​​​

Cornerstone C309 - Water Based

Cornerstone R20 - Water Based

Advance Cure and Seal - Solvent Based

Advance Cure and Seal 25 -  Solvent Based​​​​​​​​​​​​


                                                    ​​  Solvent​​​s




  Site Maps​​​​​

Commercial Use (Map)

Commercial Use​​ (Flow Chart)

Residential Use (Map)

Residential Use (Flow Chart)​​

Table of Contents