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"We have been selling and using Protec III Chem RX since 2002 and we love this product.

Protec III Chem RX is very versatile, we can use it on new concrete, old concrete, broom finish and power trowel.

We like that it is Water-Based and very safe to use.

We find that it is very easy to use on new concrete, you simply apply it after the bleed water is off.

We like that we don't have to come back after 28 days of curing to apply a sealer. compared to other products.

This product is excellent for reducing salt and freeze thaw damage to concrete.

We have 10 year old concrete driveways side to side, one with nothing on it and the other with Protec III Chem RX

The driveway with Protec III Chem RX is easily twice as good as the non-sealed driveway.

We have one customer who applys a coat of this sealer every 2 years and after 8 years the driveway is in perfect condition.

This sealer is affordable and we recommend it to all of our customers."

Littles Redi Mix
Tisdale, SK

"Protec III Chem RX is a high quality densifier/sealer.

​​I use it on most concrete slabs I do. It hardens the surface to a high degree, so much so, that when we sealed a floor with Chem RX it actually wore steel off the corner of a beam that had been dragged across it (newly poured concrete) and it didn't gouge the concrete!

Economical way to harden and protect your floor!"

Rick Cole, General Contracting
​Williams and Associates
Calgary, AB​​​​​​​​​

"We Promote and sell Cornerstone Coating's Protec III Chem Rx and
​Protec III (with Acrylic Membrane) because it greatly reduces problems and call backs associated with concrete popping and shaling.

​​Protec III Chem Rx works very good as a cure and hardener for all of our concrete.

​​We are very happy to recommend these products to all of our customers"

Terry Peterson​​
Lefarge Concrete
Grande Prairie, 2015​​​

​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​​"I like the Protec III Chem Rx, It works great on the concrete we have sealed. I like how your product line is very 

The Advance Acrylic sealer for decorative concrete works great as well.

We have been using your sealers for 5 years now with no problems."

Carbrook Concrete
​Kevin Rye ​​​​​​​​​​

Grande Prairie, 2015

​​​​​​​''​We have had very good results with Protec III Chem RX.​

​You cannot use an Acrylic Cure and Seals on green concr​​ete ​in our area without the concrete popping.

​With Protec III we do not have this problem.

We have been selling this product for 14 years
and we have had no complaints from our customers.​​​''

Holmes Redi-mix
Nipawin, SK​

"...Your product has performed as promised, you can put me down on your satisfied customer list."

Greencroff Inc.
Indiana, USA

Protec III LSF Chem RX
Customer Testimonials​​
" I love this stuff, Protec III Chem RX. We have no shale pops or shrinkage cracks, not like we used to have with the curing compounds or cure and seals we used to use. It also give the concrete that blue-grey look when it is curing, like it is supposed to be.

​Harold's Concrete Saskatchewan

"Protec III Chem RX is a really good product, it gives me peace of mind. I have no problems with my driveways. Protec III slows down the cure and increases the psi, and I don't have to worry about peeling.

​LG Concrete Saskatoon, SK

"We will definitely look at using Protec III Chem RX again on our next expansion. Protec III Chem-RX has absolutely no maintenance to the finish, only periodic sweeping to keep it clean. The floor is shiny, the concrete no longer dusts, the product makes the concrete reflect light extremely well, and it is easy to keep clean."

​Isaac Hiebert
Warehouse Manager GrandWest Enterprises Inc.

"Protec III Chem RX was used to polish our concrete floor at the Rent-it Store in Saskatoon, SK. We are pleased with the results, this is a very good product. The floor was polished to a 1500 grit and it still remained non-slip when wet. The floor is also very easy to keep clean."

​Doug Mitchell Vice President The Rent-It Store Saskatoon, SK

"Our sidewalks in the town of Govan have been poured in 1999  ​​and due to a number of factors, had rapidly deteriorated.

​​The application of Protec III has been very successful in halting any further deterioration of the sidewalks.

​​ Since this sealant has been applied, the condition of the sidewalks have not gotten any worse, even following the winter months during which a significant amount of ice melting products were required to be applied due to freezing rain and other environmental conditions that caused extremely icy conditions.

 We are very pleased with the results of Protec III. The investment in the application of this sealant has proven to save us a great expense that would have incurred had the sidewalks continued to deteriorate and required replacement."

​Michele Cruise-Pratchler, R.M.A

"We have been using Protec III ​​for the last 6 years.

​There is nothing better that we have found. ​We use all your sealers, they are the best."

Kelly McTavish
McTavish Concrete
Yorkton, SK​​​​​

​​​​​​​​​​''We have been selling Protec III Chem RX since 2001 and all of the contractors who use this product say it works great for protecting their concrete.
​Our contractors keep coming back to get this product.

We recommend everyone to use Protect III Chem RX on all of their concrete​​.''

Watrous Concrete​​
Watrous, SK​