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"We live on a Cresent where all the houses have exposed Aggregrate driveways. Ours needed to be resealed and we choose Cornerstone Coatings - Premium Acrylic.

My next door neighbor was in the same position but choose to use something else from a different supplier.

It has been one full year now and you can clearly see a difference.

Our driveway looks great while my neighbor's looks washed out and needs to be resealed again. Now my other neighbor has seen this and asked what we have used.

He then went last week and bought Cornerstone Coatings - Premium Acrylic and loves his driveway as well.

Thanks for a great sealer."


Saskatoon, SK

Your sealer worked fantastic for us last year. Last year (2001) was the first year we used nothing but your Premium Acrylic, and this spring when we had to do our show homes and references, all we had to do was pressure wash them and they looked like new again. This will save us a ton of money in the future.

Rockscapes, CANADA
​August, 2001

I've been in business for 25 years now, and have been buying Cornerstone's Premium Acrylic for the last 3 years. I am very impressed with how the product works. We've had nothing but problems before with other acrylics, there definitely is a difference in this product.

Caliber Concrete, CANADA
...we have been applying Advance Acrylic in 30c weather​​​ with no issues. No bubbling, has high shine and the sealer is super long lasting.

Rick Cole, General Contracting
Williams and Associates
Calgary, AB​​​​

We bought your sealer for our stamped concrete, the sealer we had previous was not very good. We applied 3 coats of the Premium Acrylic and it is now over 3 years and we like it a lot. It has held up very well, it still looks great and still has its shine. We also gave some of the product to a friend of ours, she was not happy how her decorative concrete was looking and she is very happy with the product too. I recommend to everyone to use Premium Acrylic that Cornerstone Coatings in Canada sells.

​Darren Peterson, Iowa, USA

After doing some tests, with your product Premium Acrylic we find it is UV resistant and hold its shine very well in our climate of Florida. It only took 3 weeks to see there was a difference. We are now using your product on our projects.

Diamond Shine International, Florida, USA
''Advance C-25 is very versatile in a wide range of temperatures, it applies uniformly and does not cloud.

We apply same day as placing curbing.''​​​

​​​TCB Curb Appeal
Westlock, AB​

Solvant-Based Acrylic Sealer
Customer Testimonials​
"You have a very good product and we would not have a problem recommending this product to anyone. Like my son says, "all the other stuff is just shiny water." We are not having any problems of yellowing, and blistering like all the other products we have been using. We had a couple of pails left over from our last supplier, and we figured we'd use them up in a couple of jobs, and have had nothing but problems."
Bill Wertz & Sons USA

We have been using your Premium Acrylic on our exposed aggregate driveway since it was poured in 2003. We are getting a good 3 years out of it before re-sealing. Without question, we like Cornerstone Coatings Premium Acrylic.

​Tim Neighbor Neighbor Ford Shellbrook, SK